Stuffed Poke Chops…

4 thoughts on “Stuffed Poke Chops…”

  1. I’m trying these tonight, found the recipe on Tasty Kitchen via Pioneer Woman. Thanks for getting creative and coming up with this recipe, I actually happened to have the exact ingredients in my house. Weird. I was meant to try these. I’m serving with rosemary and olive oil roasted carrots/potatoes/beets, my own canned applesauce, and homemade soft rolls.

      1. So, the verdict… Very good. I used really lean pork chops, which can make the meat a little dryer, but doing them in the foil is a good way to go. I made little tin foil bowls pinched at the top, and glad I did because they were full of juice. The flavor was great! I made a little extra stuffing, and stuffed these babies full! I am not a big pork chop eater, but these will make me reconsider snubbing the chop at the grocery store. My husband (read: picky) told me the next day he really liked the pork chops. So, this will go on my recipe rotation. Thanks for getting creative, I may have to play around with making up my own stuffings for carcass in the future. Thanks for sharing on your blog!

  2. We’ve chosen this recipe for our semi-non-traditional Christmas dinner! A certain semi-live-at-home sibling and I are prepping the meal together…can’t wait!!!!

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