Couldn’t You Just Die?…

12 thoughts on “Couldn’t You Just Die?…”

  1. *drool drool drool*
    I have been compulsively checking for this to be posted ever since I heard of the existence of these little jars of decadent heaven. I was not let down! Beautiful picture

    1. Hi poetreecreations! I actually am not a big dessert person myself, so when I make these things it’s often for someone else- these cheesecakes were in honor of my friend’s birthday last week. There’s no way to get around the sugar in those, but I really love the healthier sweet things I’ve made, like the grilled peaches or blueberry parfait!

    1. That’s so great! They were an experiment that turned out really well 🙂 And I realized today that I had posted the original recipe for the cheesecake, but when I made them I actually doubled the amount so I’ve made those changes… To make 10 to 12 cheesecakes, follow the recipe as it now is!

  2. Would these keep well? They sound amazing and I’d like to make them for a birthday party, but I’d have to make them a day or two in advance. Thanks!

    1. Hi MK,
      They do keep well although of course I’d recommend making them as close to the party as possible! I kept mine in the fridge, covered with tin foil and used a rubber band to keep it air tight.

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