Open Sesame… Noodles

4 thoughts on “Open Sesame… Noodles”

  1. I woke up from an early night of crashing on my couch, only to see that your brilliant brilliant self has amazingly managed to post this the very same day I requested it! I think this is a dream far sweeter than any I’ve had in my sleep for the past 3 years… So glad I woke up! Haha (and I even got a shout out in the story! My life is complete.) Guess what’s gonna be for dinner tomorrow? Or maybe it will have to be breakfast bc I don’t know if I can wait that long! 😉

  2. It totally ended up being for breakfast… And I’m in huge trouble because I made a double batch (aka lots and lots of eating in in store!) Mine’s a little more vinegar-y than yours, but I didn’t expect to master this like you have on the first try! Hehe

      1. You are a woman who knows her stuff! They really did mellow out and were even more yummmmmy! I only wish I had practiced a teeny bit of self control so I still had some to eat right now… Contemplating making another batch. Decisions, decisions!

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