Ohhh Risotto…

One thought on “Ohhh Risotto…”

  1. I would first like to tell you that your story for this dish warms my heart literally. You are a fantastic writer and storyteller, and this one was especially endearing! You sound like me!!! (not writing style wise–you are far better, but pigging out style wise, oh yeah!) The minute I saw this photo I was like RISOTTO!!!!! I want this sooooooo bad! Like so bad Anna, you don’t get it! After looking through the entire blog and reading every scrap of text I could find I was like “Ok now I need to let that marinate and decide which picture I will post on so as not to seem like a creepy facebook stalker type who “likes” every new photo someone posts and comments on 75% of them as well. Hmmm maybe I can find a way to just comment on the blog as a whole…” Well it didn’t work but I limited my responses to as few as I could. Like not posting on the strawberries or the eggplant dish because you already knew I was drooling over them and had the pictures saved to my phone! But I could resist for some of them and these are them! I love the blog because of the beautiful pictures, the fantastic stories, and the easy to follow recipes. It is so wonderful of you to share them with us instead of hoarding them and keeping them as your “secrets”. Thank you for this and expect for me to be popping in often to see what other culinary masterpieces you’ve been cooking up!

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