#TBT French Onion Soup

“This is every cook’s opinion –
no savory dish without an onion,
but lest your kissing should be spoiled your onions must be fully boiled.”
-Jonathan Swift

Everyone has different experiences that make them realize they’re officially old… For some it’s getting married, or having a baby, or getting into a graduate program (which I also just did *toot toot* <– my horn); for me, it was when I started having to Google the abbreviations that everyone was using on social media.

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Crock Pot Chili…

“Chili is much improved by having had a bad day to contemplate its fate.”
-John Steele Gordon

The beautiful thing about chili is that it’s so customizable and quick to put together. The problem with chili is that I tend to throw in everything but the kitchen sink, so when it comes out amazing I never quite remember what I did! This recipe, while fairly simple, is sooo good and easy to make for a cold winter night.

…Just two words of warning: man farts.

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Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

This is every cook’s opinion –
no savory dish without an onion,
but lest your kissing should be spoiled
your onions must be fully boiled.
-Jonathan Swift

Screen shot Soup

French Onion Soup with Sourdough Crouton and Gruyere Cheese


_ _ It’s the small victories that make me the happiest– perhaps because not many “big” victories have come my way– but I choose to think that I simply appreciate the subtleties in life. For example, I spent 10 minutes this afternoon trying to pry the cap off my lipgloss, finally resorting to using the knife on a wine screw, and I rejoiced riotously (ok, with a silent fist pump… I was at work and I don’t want to talk about why I have a wine screw in my purse) when it finally came flying off. I celebrate when a person trying to pass in the right lane gets cut off and has to drop back; I’m delighted when the song I want to illegally download is on Limewire and doesn’t turn out to be an automated recording reprimanding me for pirating music; and I’m on cloud nine when a recipe that I try ends up being a delicious meal. I give you: slow cooker french onion soup!

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Spicy Sun Dried Tomato Zoup… And Sandwiches

“Lucci was heartened; there was still good in the world, perhaps. Then he smelled a smell that made him heady, crêpes, and he could isolate each of the ingredients as he never could before: butter, sugar, flour, milk, even a little rum. He felt the ground until he found the plate, and pressed his fingers into a soft stack two inches high.”

-Lauren Groff, Delicate Edible Birds

Spicy Sun Dried Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese with Bacon, Basil and Havarti


_ _ Delicious. I wish it was cold out so I could let the soup warm me nicely, instead of causing me to wipe the dripping sweat off my face while making it.

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Enjoy Your Stew…

“Make hunger thy sauce, as a medicine for health.”

-Thomas Tusser

_ _ I’m a lady of a thousand faces. Most of the time I don’t know I’m making them but I undeniably wear my thoughts and emotions on my face… usually unattractively. I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam… I accept it. What does still embarrass me, is my many, many voices. I crack, squeak, and lisp at bizarre times (I don’t have a lisp, but certain words I enjoy saying with a lisp and now I can’t stop). What can I say, I entertain myself. It’s NOT entertaining when I don’t have control over my vocal changes, however.

_ _ The other night while I was working at the restaurant, a very attractive couple were seated on the far side of the room. All the female employees “subtly” stared at the man, while the male employees ogled his date. As luck would have it, I was the one to run their soup and salad course, and apparently their combined beauty made me nervous, for as I set down their plates, I said in a terrifying, croaky, monster voice “Enjoy your stewww!” …When I heard this come out of my mouth, even I was creeped out. I immediately turned, hunched my back and limped to the service alley, dragging my left foot behind me… Just kidding, but I did make a speedy exit and forced others wait on them the rest of the night. Lesson learned: treat beautiful people like eclipses (don’t look directly at them); and try to avoid saying the word “stew” like you’re Satan incarnate._

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Loaded Baked Potato Soup…

“I hate people who are not serious about their meals.”

-Oscar Wilde

_ _I don’t know much about a lot of things, but I do know a lot about a few things… For example, I know a surprising amount about the history of the Soviet KGB thanks to a professor who I’m fairly confident believed himself to be Stalin reincarnate. I also know a lot more about my diet habits now, thanks to this blog: I know that I eat way too much starch; I know that I eat way too much cheese; I know that because there is broccoli in this soup I feel pretty good about consuming mass quantities of it. What I don’t know is what to do with leftovers… because I never have any.


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