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7 thoughts on “About ME”

  1. This is a GREAT blog – both the photos and the recipes are delicious!! And being from upstate New York myself, I can really appreciate the commentary.

  2. I just made this soup day before yesterday! I included poached chucks of chicken. It was delicious just as you said. I follow your blog faithfully. It is a wonderful mix of food, flavors, fun, and fiction.

  3. Are you related to Bones. As a child I knew him and Glenna, his daughter. She was my mother’s best friend. How nice to find a reference to long gone but not forgotten old friends.

    1. Hi Grace! I am related to Glen, he was my grandpa’s uncle on my dad’s side. Sadly my grandpa passed not too long ago, but he had several great stories about Bones. It’s fun to hear from someone else who knew him and his family!

      1. Anna…found your blog when googling “Bones Hartzell”. Bones (Glen) was my grandfather’s brother and my dad’s uncle. I take it from your last name that you’re a grand-daughter of George B. Carver and Cleo Mae Hartzell. Are you Steve’s daughter? My father and George grew up together in Tulsa. My dad tells me that George did an awesome Mark Twain performance. The clown picture you posted looks like Glen and his wife Olive. Do you have more circus pictures and or stories that you can share? I’m a genealogist at heart and would love to find out more about Bones and his family. I also see that someone named Grace wrote that she knew Bones and his daughter Glenna and that her mother was best friends with Glenna…if she sees this, I would love to hear from her to learn more about Glenna if she knows anything. If you have more info on Bones, Olive or Glenna, you can contact me at rahartzell@cox.net. Randy Hartzell, Tulsa OK

      2. Hi Randy! That’s so great, I never thought a random post of mine would have turned up so many family contacts! I am Steve’s daughter and although I’ve heard several stories over the years about Bones from my grandpa, my dad would have a better memory of those and possibly some more photos of Glen so I’ll pass your email address along to him. I’d love to hear any other information that you may have on that side of the family as well–there are certainly some characters in that tree.

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